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The City of Albany is involved in the following efforts to improve the quality of education in our community by lowering dropout rates and improving graduate, reading skills and math skills:

Albany-Dougherty Partnership for Education. This multi-agency partnership provides programs to youth that aim to lower dropout rates, improve graduation rates and improve reading and math skills. In 2001, the Partnership is spearheading a $500,000 public-private literacy training initiative in Dougherty County School System middle schools.

Youth Opportunities Grant. This is a U.S. Department of Labor program administered by the City in conjunction with other agencies; it provides summer employment for youth.

Communities In Schools of Albany/Dougherty. This is the nation's largest stay-in-school network, in which the City is a partner. Grants to CIS programs are used to increase services to youth and their families in economically challenged communities. The grants target Empowerment Zone communities, Enterprise Communities and sites in or near public housing or HUD-assisted housing sites. Among the programs of CIS is Groundhog Job Shadow Day, during which hundreds of Albany eighth-graders visit work sites. Dozens of students show City of Albany employees each year.

Community Development Block Grants. Used to fund various educational programs in the community.

City Workforce Development Program. With the assistance of the Albany Technical College Adult Literacy Program, City employees who do not have high school diplomas are able to prepare for and take general equivalency diploma exams while on the job. This program earned the City the Governor's Award for Achievement in Workplace Learning.

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