Book an Event at the Civic Center

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 Please review the information below, for a brief overview of the booking process and necessary forms.

Step One:  

Contact the Civic Center Complex Sales & Booking Office (229-430-4297) and place a tentative hold on an available date. This tentative hold will be honored for 10 (ten) calendar days at no charge.  Please specify which venue:  Arena, Auditorium, Conference Center or Auxiliary Rental Spaces, i.e. Parking Lots.  

A written request on your letterhead sent by fax to 229-430-5163 is helpful in securing the tentative hold and recording your initial contact information.  

Step Two:

Within ten (10) days of date being held, confirm the hold on your requested event date by completing the following steps:  

  • Complete Reservation Request / Deposit Document Agreement (pdf) 
  • Submit the Non-Refundable Deposit of one-half (1/2) of the base facility rental fee  (For base facility rental fees see web site or review published rate cards from web site with Civic Center Sales and Booking office).
  • Complete Event Application Form (pdf)

Upon receipt of deposit and the application approval of the Civic Center Complex Director, staff will generate a Lease Agreement, which will include labor and equipment rental rate cards, insurance, food & beverage addendum and other applicable information for review as part of the lease agreement.  The offered lease agreement must be returned within ten (10) days of issue date to the Civic Center Complex with balance of requested deposits for facility rental by the APPLICANT/Lessee.

Step Three:  

Within ten (10) days of issued fully executed Lease Agreement from Civic Center , APPLICANT will:  

  • Submit all requested information in application and the following documents:

1) All corporations must submit a copy of the Secretary of State’s Certificate of Incorporation prior to lease preparation.

2) If Applicable:  Not-for-Profit organizations must submit a current copy of the IRS Determination letter designating that organization as a non-profit organization.  Note:  IRS Determination Letter addressee should match the applicant name that will be placed on the lease agreement.

  • Provide proof of insurance and other requirements as requested verbally or in writing.
  • Submit completed Technical Requirements in writing for set-up to Events Department.
  • Submit the balance of the event expense payment(s) and deposits as stated on the Estimate of Fees provided pursuant to Lease Agreement terms and conditions.

For booking and rental information call Rhonda Ford at 229-430-4297 or email at