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Don McCook, Street Superintendent

Alphonso BogansGeneral Supervisor 

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1900 N. Monroe St.
Albany, Georgia 31701
Phone: (229) 302-1800 / Fax (229)  302-1834

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Street Division

The responsibility of the Street Division is to assure proper maintenance and construction of streets, alleys, and sidewalks. This division is also responsible for street and alley paving, including base preparation and asphalt placement. This division handles concrete construction, holding pond maintenance and driveway installations. In Fiscal Year 99, this department was broken down into several divisions which consist of Administration, Utility Cut Repairs, Asphalt/Concrete, Grading/Construction and Street Sweeping.

Street Administration

This administration section of the Street Maintenance Division is responsible for supervising all aspects of the Street Maintenance Division, while assisting other divisions within Public Works.

Street Sweeping 

 The Street Sweeping section is responsible for sweeping all publicly owned streets within the Albany city limits.  The purpose is to ensure public safety and facilitate removal of debris to prevent entry into the storm sewer system.

Street Maintenance - Asphalt/Concrete

 The primary duties of the Asphalt crew includes utility cut repairs, pothole repairs, asphalt overlays, and shoulder repairs on paved streets. The concrete crews excavate and repair utility and CSO cuts. These crews also handle new street, sidewalk, curb, gutter and driveway installation and maintenance. The concrete and asphalt crews also participate in street and alley paving and other special projects.

Street Maintenance - Grading/Construction

 The Grading/Construction Section is responsible for the construction and maintenance of dirt alleys, ditches, holding ponds, shoulders and easements within the city. This section maintains and installs driveways and storm pipes. This section provides a key support role for the entire local government with loaders, dump trucks, motor graders, doziers, and other equipment.

Street Maintenance -Right-of-Way

 The Right-of-Way Maintenance Section is responsible for herbicide application, mowing of all right-of-ways. side parks, holding ponds and city-maintained ditches with the city limits.  This section provides curb edging and alley overgrowth trimming.