Commercial Rates and Fees

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Water Rates

Residential and Commercial

 First 3,000 Gallons Minimum  $11.85
 Next 4,000 Gallons  $2.56 per 1,000 Gallons
 Over 7,000 Gallons  $1.86 per 1,000 Gallons


Gas Rates

Purchase Gas Adjustment March 16, 2017 to present $.557   The PGA reflects the cost of pipeline transportation to our customers.

Btu Adjustment (British Thermal Units) May 2, 2017 to present $..0294. This adjustment is for the heat content of the gas.  Btu is the abbreviation for British thermal unit, a measurement of the heating value of natural gas.

 First 2 Hundred Cubic Feet Minimum Monthly Charge  $7.60
 Next 8 Hundred Cubic Feet  $1.08
 Next 190 Hundred Cubic Feet  $0.76
 Next 200 Hundred Cubic Feet  $0.69


All billings will be subject to the Purchased Gas Adjustment charge. Gas sold under this rate is subject to adjustment for any heating value above or below 1000 BTU cubic foot.State sales tax shall be applied to gas charges.

Light Rates

Electric Purchased Power Adjustment $0.0122 per kWh for Residential and Commercial

Environmental Compliance Cost Recovery $.0080 per kWh for Residential and Commercial.

Commercial Non-Demand 

 Minimum Base Charge  $17.24
 Summer Rate (May through October)  $0.140046 per kWh
 Winter Rate (November through April)  $0.118500 per kWh


Commercial Demand

    (Requirement: over 36,000 kWh per year and kW <500)

 Minimum Base Charge  $26.94


 Billing Demand

Minimum charges shall be the billing demand plus $26.94

$2.15 per KW

 Energy Charges

First 200 kWh per KW

 $0.094800 per kWh

 Load Factor Provisions

200-400 kWh per KW

 400-600 kWh per KW

over 600 kWh per KW






Large Commercial Demand

(Requirement: kW>500)

 Minimum Base Charge  $53.86
 Demand Charge  $2.96 per kW

Energy Charges:

First 200 kWh per kW

 Load Factor Provisions

200-400 kWh per kW

400-600 kWh per kW

over 600 kWh per kW






Commercial Demand

The Billing Demand shall be based on the highest 30 minute kW measurement during the current month and the preceding eleven (11) months.

For the billing months of June through September, the kW Billing Demand shall be greater of (1) one hundred percent (100%) of the highest summer kW demand (including the current month) or (2) sixty-five percent (65%) of the highest kW demand occurring in any previous applicable winter month (October through May).For the billing months of October through May, the kW Billing Demand shall be the greater of (1) one hundred percent (100%) of the highest kW demand occurring in any previous applicable summer month (June through September) or (2) sixty-five percent (65%) of the highest kW demand occurring in the current or any previous applicable winter month (October through May).

All Commercial Demand

State sales tax shall be applied to all electric charges.

Renewable Energy – Distributed Generation

Applicable to Customers in all areas served by the Albany Utility Board and subject to its service rules, regulations, terms, policies and procedures, as amended from time to time, which are incorporated herein by this reference, and desiring to install a distributed generation facility. Customer account(s) must be in good standing.

A distribution generation facility must:

  1. Be owned (or leased) and operated by an existing Customer for production of electric energy, and
  2. Be connected to and/or operate in parallel with the Board’s distribution facilities, and
  3. Be intended primarily to offset part or all of the Customer’s generator’s requirement for electricity, and
  4. Have peak generating capacity of not more than 10kW for residential application and not more than 125% of actual or expected maximum annual peak demand of the premise for commercial applications.
  5. Be installed on the customer side of the meter

For information on monthly charges and payments for energy click here

Sewer Rates

Commercial & Industrial

Not sampled:

$10.35 plus $3.31 per 1,000 Gallons of water used.

All Others:

$10.35 plus $0.43 per pound of BOD, plus $0.26 per pound of TSS, plus $1.80 per 1000 gallons of water used.

Oil and grease charge will be $0.03 per pound over 100 mg/l.

Garbage Rates

Metal Container

$3.65/cubic yard

Non-Scheduled(By request)

$35.00 + $3.65/cubic yard

Non-Schedules After Hours, Holidays, etc.

$50.00 + $3.65/cubic yard

90 Gallon Barrel



Special Service

 Swacars (each trailer load if customer loads) $50.00+tipping fees 
 Swacars (each trailer load if city loads) $170.00 each


Storm Water

The Commercial storm water user fee consists of a calculation involving total impervious area and the user fee billing rate of $4.75/ERU/month.

Billing Unit

Total Impervious Area\2,700 = ERU’s

ERU’s * $4.75 = User Fee Charge per month

Special Service Charges

New Service


Late Fee


 Non Payment Service Fee    


Returned Checks


Meter Tampering

$200.00 (in addition to any criminal charges incurred)

Meter Testing

$20.00 (if meter is accurate)

Relocation of Meters



Gas Fees

Gas Tapping Fees (Residential)


Gas Tapping Fees (Commercial-Minimum Fee)


Reset Gas Meter



Light Fees

Temporary Electric Service


New Underground Electric Service



Water Fees

Installation of Water Meter on Fire Hydrants


5/8" Pipe


1" Pipe


1 1/2" Pipe


2" Pipe


3" Pipe


4" Pipe


6" Pipe


8" Pipe


10" Pipe


*cost will be calculated on each application

Other Information


All Commercial Customers applying for services with Albany Utilities are required to make a deposit or furnish a corporate surety bond in an amount to cover an estimated two (2) months utility cost.

Current Customer

If a Commercial account is transferred to another address the deposit will be transferred.


Deposits on Commercial accounts will be refunded after two (2) years provided that the account has not been delinquent during the two (2) year period, and an excellent credit rating is maintained. The deposit will earn an annual rate of 1% interest. If the account is closed before the two (2) years are up, the deposit plus the interest will be applied toward the final bill. Any credit balance will be returned by mail.