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Telecommunications (Telecom) is a division of the Technology and Communications (TAC) Department. Telecom is committed to providing infrastructure and support to the City of Albany while enhancing its ability to provide cutting edge technologies and services to the community.  Telecom is one of the components of Albany Utilities that enables the City of Albany to function in all aspects of community service.

The TAC Telecom services are not limited to the City of Albany.  Our enhanced robust fiber optic network infrastructure expands throughout the City of Albany, County of Dougherty, and neighboring communities.  With our expanded network, Telecom is able to provide high-speed internet, dedicated transport and dark fiber services to its consumers.

Telecom is dedicated to providing superior service to our customers.  

Contact Us:
401 Pine Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31701

 New Service Inquiries
(229) 883-8330 x4262
 Billing Inquiries
(229) 883-8330 x7632
 Internal/Commercial Customers
Technical Support
(229) 883-8330 x4850

Residential Customers
Technical Support
(229) 431-3200