Workers' Compensation

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Workers' Compensation Program

Our mission is to provide superior access to the Workers' Compensation program for injured workers in a manner that is sensitive, responsive, and effective and to insure efficient processing and swift, fair resolution of claims, while encouraging workplace safety and return to full duty work.  This division is directly responsible for the setup of new claims from beginning to end – which involves data entry, managing appointments, scheduling and/or approving physical therapy and other specialized exams and treatment. Communication with employees, supervisors, medical providers is essential in staying on top of any issues or discrepancies in the claim. Our goal, is getting our employees treated (if needed) and returned back to work successfully.

 Reporting Process:

  • Employee is required to notify his/her immediate Supervisor or injury as soon as possible
  • Employee to complete Employee Accident Form (WC-7 Form) and submit to Risk Management/Worker’s Compensation Administrator within 48 hrs.– can be forwarded by email, fax or interoffice mail.See form attached.
  • If applicable, Administrator will follow-up with employee, supervisor and department regarding drug/alcohol screenings and medical treatment.

Injury Investigation

 Injury investigations are conducted by Risk Management Administrator and by the TPA adjuster (who is affiliated with our insurance company who assists us with claims management for the COA Worker’s Compensation Program).  Not all injury claims require an investigation (such as ‘Report Only’ claims).

Transitional/Modified Duty Program:

  • Employees who have work restrictions are limited in the performance of their regular duty job.The purpose of this program is to maintain ill or injured employees who are on light duty resulting from an on-the-job injury.


  • Transitional assistance is given to employees returning back to work as soon as possible to minimize liability and potential workers’ compensation loss.As an added benefit, employees are accommodated in the position occupied at the time of the injury and given the opportunity to perform other work within the employee’s capabilities.


  • Each department is initially responsible for accommodating and utilizing their own employee(s). In the event the department is unable to accommodate employee, the Transitional Duty Coordinator finds suitable work for the employee in another department if possible.During this status, the injured worker can only work 40/hrs. Per week, five days a week, 8 hrs. Per day.Overtime is not allowed during this status.



Employee Accident Report
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