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 Albany Recreation & Parks Administrative Office

Address: 1301 N. Monroe Street

Phone: (229) 430-5222


Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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Bill Miller Community Center

Address: 312 Vick Street

Phone: (229) 430-5240

 Carver Community Center

Address: 1023 S. McKinley

Phone: (229) 430-5243

 Carver Gym

Address: 410 Mercer Avenue

This location is temporarily closed

due to storm damage.

Henderson Community Center

Address: 701 Willard Avenue

Phone: (229) 302-1446

 Lockett Station Community Center

Address: 324 Lockett Station Road

Phone: (229) 430-5219

The Club at Thornton Park

Address: 210 Thornton Drive

Phone: (229) 302-3592

 Turner Gym

Address: 2301 George Avenue

This location is temporarily closed

due to storm damage.



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 Carver Sports Complex

Address:1023 South McKinley

Paul Eames Sports Complex

Address:1130 Ball Park Lane

 Gordon Sports Complex

Address: 800 Willie Pitts Road

 Highland Sports Complex

Address: 1000 Highland Road

 Ken Gardens Sports Complex

Address: 1511 Ken Gardens Road 



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J. C. Odom, Jr.  Fitness and Wellness Center

Address: 1100 Jordan Street

Phone: (229) 430-3621


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  Address: 1021 S. McKinley Street

Phone: (229) 430-5222

Carver Pool & Spray Park Membership Information


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Address: 2000 McAdams Road

Phone: (229) 430-5267

Golf Course Information


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 List of Parks NE & NW  List of Parks SE & SW


 ARPD Greenway Trail Header

Take a hike or ride your bike along the beautiful Riverfront Greenway Trail. Enjoy the 2.4 miles of paved trail that extend north from Riverfront Park to Cox Landing. With several scenic overlooks along the Flint River, this trail is a great way to explore nature, exercise and relax.

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 The Oxford Environmental Park Nature Trail is a half-mile rustic trail that extends off the Greenway Trail. Enjoy an up close view of the Flint River and several wetland areas.