Signals and Signs

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The Signal Section provides for the safe movement of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles through the construction, operation, and maintenance of the City’s traffic control systems. Technicians continually work to upgrade and maintain the traffic control infrastructure for the City’s 129 signalized intersections. Preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled inspections are a significant part of ensuring the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists, as well as efficiency in travel. 

This Section is responsible for:

  • School zone flashers - 45
  • Warning flashers - 15 
  • Installing and maintaining copper and fiber optic interconnect cable
  • Assist in collecting traffic data

Please report any City signal malfunctions:
City of Albany - Traffic Division
(229) 883-6955 - M-F - 8:00 to 5:00
911 – nights, weekends and holidays

Dougherty County traffic signals and flashers maintained by the City of Albany:

  • Mock Rd @ Fleming Rd
  • MCBL Truck Gate-5 @ Mock Rd
  • Holly Dr – School Flasher
  • Radium Springs Rd – School Flasher
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Dr – School Flasher
  • Lilly Pond Rd – School Flasher
  • Gillionville Rd – School Flasher
  • Westover Blvd @ Old Pretoria Rd - Intersection Control Beacon
  • Gravel Hill Rd @ Nelms Rd - Intersection Control Beacon
  • Radium Springs Rd @ Williamsburg Rd - Intersection Control Beacon  

Please report any County signal malfunctions:
Dougherty County Public Works
(229) 430-6120

Dougherty County traffic signals and warning flashers maintained by the Georgia Department of Transportation located on State Routes:

  • US 19 (SR-300) @ Worth St
  • US 19 (SR-300) @ Holly Dr
  • Moultrie Rd (SR-133) @ US-19 SB Off Ramp
  • Moultrie Rd (SR-133) @ US-19 NB Off Ramp
  • Moultrie Rd (SR-133) @ Mock Rd
  • Moultrie Rd (SR-133) @ Power Ln
  • Oglethorpe Blvd (SR-520B) @ Branch Rd
  • Gillionville Rd (SR-234) @ Lockett Station Rd
  • Leary Rd (SR-62) @ Old Pretoria Rd - Intersection Control Beacon
  • Leary Rd (SR-62) @ Newton Rd (SR-91) - Intersection Control Beacon
  • Newton Rd (SR-91) @ Lilly Pond Rd - Intersection Control Beacon
  • Moultrie Rd (SR-133) @ County Line Rd - Intersection Control Beacon
  • Gillionville Rd (SR-234) @ Lockett Station Rd - Signal Ahead (E)
  • US 19, SR-300 @ Worth St - Signal Ahead (N & S)
  • US 19, SR-300 @ Holly Dr - Signal Ahead (N & S)
  • US 82, SR-520B @ Branch Rd - Signal Ahead (E & W)
  • US 82, SR-520B @ County Line Rd - Intersection Ahead (E & W)
  • US 19, SR-300 @ Nelms Rd - Intersection Ahead (N & S)

Please report any Georgia Department of Transportation signal malfunctions:
Georgia Department of Transportation
(229) 386-3019


Traffic Division-2

Traffic Signal Located at Slappey and Palmyra, Facing South.

Signs & Markings


The Signs and Markings Division is responsible for ordering signs, sign installation and the repair and maintenance of roadway signage along city and county maintained right-of-ways. Additionally, this section is responsible for the maintenance and installation of pavement markings on city and county maintained roadways. The Signs & Markings Division no longer fabricates signs. This task is sent out to approved vendors.

Traffic Division-4

Crew Members Installing Street Signs.