Alley Paving

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Alleys are selected to paved based on criteria reviewed by representatives of the Public Works Department. Before making recommendations, these individuals review their records to determine the number of calls for maintenance and/or drainage problems. When each Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) allocation takes effect, each City Commissioner is requested to submit alleys in their ward to be paved. Often they agree with the choice the Public Works Department has made because commissioners and Public Works officials often receive complaints regarding the same alley(s). The final alley paving list is then approved by the Board of City Commissioners. The following table shows the entire list of alleys approved by the City Commission on September 25, 2012 (Resolution 12-R174) for paving as funds are available in SPLOST VI.

Approved Splost VI Alley Paving List

 1  Yorktown  Independence  Yorktown  2603 Yorktown  Completed
 1  Vintage  Brierwood  Brierwood  424 Vintage  Completed
 1  Holland  Van Deman  Rood  615 Holland  Completed
 1  Edison  Broad  Fulton  1712 E. Broad  Completed
 2  4th Ave.  Slappey  Cleveland  1104 N. Slappey  Completed
 2  1st Ave.  Slappey  Cleveland  1013 W. 1st  Completed
 2  Don Cutler  Hobson  Exeter  1017 Don Cutler  Completed
 2  8th Ave.  Epsey  Van Buren   801 8th Ave.  Completed
 3  Whispering Pine S  Kingstown Apts.  Parking Lot  1200 Whispering Pines Road  Completed
 3  Lincoln  Magnolia  Elm  1525 W. Lincoln  Completed
 3  Pearl  Jane  Pearl  1405 Pearl  Completed
 3  Residence  Harding  Cleveland  917 W. Residence  Under Construction
 4  Winterwood  Fremont  Phillips  2809 Winterwood  Completed
 4  Jones  Drexel  Waddell  2111 Jones  Completed
 4  Waddell  Drexel  Waddell  2106 Waddell  Completed
 4  Edgewater  Lakeridge  Pineknoll  1008 Edgewater  Under Construction
 5  Sharon  Nottingham  Barnesdale  2315 Sharon  Completed
 5  Stuart  Stuart  Elton Alley  2030 Stuart  Completed
 5  Pine Manor  Hawthrone  Dawson Hgts  2613 Pine Manor  Completed
 5  Whitehall  Briercliff  Nottingham  2319 Whitehall  Completed
 6  Colquitt  Walnut  West Town  1504 Colquitt  Completed
 6  Shadowlawn  Lincoln  Gordon  602 Shadowlawn  Completed
 6  Magnolia  Gordon  Shadowlawn  705 Magnolia  Completed
 6  Balsam  Juniper  Evergreen  1711 Balsam  Under Construction
 MAYOR  Harding  14th  13th  2006 Harding  Completed