Animal Control

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Animal Control

Animal Control

Enforces the provisions of federal, state, local codes and ordinances applicable to animal control activities. Patrols city streets and investigates calls from citizens concerning domestic animals. Attempts to maintain peace between complainants and animal owners; issues warnings and citations for violations of animal control laws and advises owners of their responsibilities.

  • Dog Fighting 
  • Inhumane Treatment
  • Animals Running at Large
  • Cruelty to Animals
  • Dangerous Dogs
  • Bite Cases
  • Enforcement of the City of Albany Animal Control Ordinance

In accordance with the city ordinance section 10-5 paragraph D: Humane Treatment, all owners of diseased/injured/malnourished animals shall in a timely manner obtain veterinary care (by a licensed veterinarian) to the extent that the animal is free from excessive pain, suffering, and/or disfigurement.

City of Albany Animal Control
431-2132/911 - Public Safety (Night)

County Animal Control

431-2132/9-1-1 -/Public Safety (Day or Night)

Rabies Control

438-3943 or 431-2132.