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Updates on Sanitary Sewer Spill

Post Date:07/03/2018 11:00 AM

Update: Lift Station Repairs at Albany, Georgia

July 3, 2018

Overflow site restoration 
The City completed repairs to the manhole at the River Walk, and the landscape contractor commenced work Wednesday morning, June 27. The contractor removed soil for disposal, added new soil, and laid sod in the affected area around the manhole. The landscape crew spread lime around the site to neutralize any residual spill material and cleaned the walkway from the river trail to the kayak launch ramp. Site restoration completed June 29, and residents have access to public spaces along the river.
Lift Station 25
LS 25 is fully operational. All four pumps are moving the flow of municipal wastewater and stormwater.
LS25 Project Progress


  • All four pumps and equipment reconnected and operating  
  • Pipes installed and cleaned
  • Wet well cleaned
  • Blockage in wet well removed
  • Valves installed
Lift Station 26
LS26 is operating with two pumps and handling the present flow. A bypass pump connected to the system will assist with flow from heavy rains, or enable the station to sustain operation in the event of mechanical issues. Replacements/repairs for the other two pumps are in progress, and will be completed as soon as possible, pending receipt of repaired pumps and appropriate components. The City will install a bypass tap for the entire station so that remaining repairs can proceed.  
LS26 Project Progress
  • Two of four pumps in service
  • Components and parts ordered 
  • Contractors for key services and installations contacted and scheduled
  • City scheduled to install bypass to LS26
  • Pumps sent to vendors for repairs and refurbishment
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance schedules reviewed; revisions made where needed


Update: Lift Station 25 Repairs at Albany, Georgia

June 22, 2018

Technicians from Jacobs, the City of Albany and contractors completed pipe and valve repairs and installations Thursday.  All four pumps at LS25 now are running and moving flow. A recap follows:

  • We removed, cleaned and re-installed a section of pipe closest to Pump No. 1. The pipe is in good condition. Now all pipe to and from the pump is clear.
  • We inspected Pump No. 1 closely and found no damage. We reconnected the pump to the system and tested it. It was working, so we rechecked all repairs, cleaned up the work site and finished the job. Operators and maintenance technicians will monitor LS25 in the coming weeks to assure equipment continues functioning properly.
  • The City of Albany has hired a contractor to work on the collection-system access (manhole) on the River Walk. That repair should begin next week, June 25, and will involve reinforcing and raising the elevation of the access point where the west-side overflows occurred.
  • When repairs at the River Walk are complete, the area will be cleaned up and a landscape contractor will repair sod and soil in the immediate surroundings. 

Project Progress
  • All four pumps and equipment reconnected and operating 
  • Pipes installed and cleaned
  • Wet well cleaned
  • Blockage in wet well removed
  • Valves installed



 Stream Monitoring Program Report - Major Spill May 2018


Sanitary Sewer Spill 

On Sunday afternoon May 20, 2018, the City of Albany had a sanitary sewer overflow into the east bank of the Flint River just south of the Oglethorpe Boulevard bridge crossing due to equipment failures at a lift station. Approximately 870,000 gallons of sewage is estimated to have spilled into the river. Crews from Albany Utility were on the scene quickly and took steps to mitigate the overflow.

As required by the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit, the City of Albany has collected water quality samples upstream and downstream of the overflow location for analysis and provided the appropriate notification to Environmental Health Department.  Public Notices are posted in the area. 

For more information on the sanitary sewer spill, contact Jeff Hughes, P.E., Sewer Systems Superintendent at 229.883-6950.


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