Intergovernmental Cooperation

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Albany has a long history of working cooperatively with Dougherty County and other governmental jurisdictions in our region to provide services more efficiently and/or improve the quality of life in our community. Here are a few recent examples:

  • Partnership with Dougherty County. Working together, Albany and Dougherty County are bringing new life and opportunities downtown while providing recreation and planning services for citizens and information technology services to employees; we even share a joint Website. We literally work side-by-side, sharing government buildings, training rooms and a common goal of serving our residents effectively and efficiently.

  • Partnership with School System. The City and Dougherty County School System believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The school system already had decided to build a new magnet school on Lockett Station Road when the City had an opportunity to acquire adjoining property for a recreational "hub site" with a variety of facilities. Recognizing an opportunity to maximize both entities' investment, the school agreed to alter its original plans to add an additional 2,400 square feet to their gymnasium. The City has access to the school's gym, three outdoor playing fields and cafeteria when they are not in use by the school, and will use the added room for office and storage space, separate restrooms and a multi-purpose room for activities like aerobics. The recreation hub site includes a swimming pool, walking path, athletics fields and tennis courts that will be available to the school system.

  • Regional Hub. As the regional hub of Southwest Georgia and the only municipality in Dougherty County, Albany is called upon regularly by small cities for advice and leadership. The City has a particularly good working partnership with Dougherty County. Consequently, when the state Legislature passed House Bill 489, the anxiety the new law created in some communities was not felt in Albany and Dougherty County. The Albany and Dougherty County commissions arrived upon a mutually acceptable Service Delivery Agreement, which was among the first approved by the state. The City and County share Purchasing, Information Technology, Fire, Traffic Engineering, Tax Collection, Business Licensing, Library and Emergency Medical Services. The City of Albany and Dougherty County historically enjoy excellent relations: We share physical space, we share services (recreation, planning and development services, human resources management and information technology.) We even share a Website that is considered by the Georgia Municipal Association to be among the best in the state. In addition to saving costs, sharing services and programs enhance customer relations with our citizens.

  • Telecommunications Partnership. The Albany Dougherty Telecommunications Partnership is a collaborative effort of the City of Albany and its Water, Gas & Light Commission; Dougherty County; Dougherty County School System; Albany Area Chamber of Commerce; Phoebe Putney Health Systems; and T.A. Lewis & Associates, Inc. The partnership is developing a community-wide strategic telecommunications plan that will enhance economic development and improve quality of life and information access for citizens. This exciting opportunity for the community will have a tremendous impact on technology knowledge and growth for the citizens of Albany and give Albany the edge needed to stay competitive with other communities in the technology arena.