Citizens Participation

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Citizen participation is critical to the success of any government. In Albany, the City encourages citizen participation by maintaining a Website and appointing boards and citizen advisory committees to make recommendations on various issues.

Albany citizens also have a voice in local government by participating in public hearings on topics ranging from zoning matters to transit fares, and by attending in monthly town hall meetings held by city commissioners at the centrally located Albany-Dougherty Government Center. This sincere, open invitation is broadcast continually on Channel 16 and on the City Website. The result is widespread participation in local government, which increases civic pride and confidence in public officials' decision making.

Citizens Police Academy

This popular eight-week participatory activity has three objectives: To provide an understanding of the functions of the Police Department and its role in the criminal justice system; to teach citizens Community Oriented Policing role in the city; and to give citizens hands-on training in techniques the Police Department uses in solving crimes.

Government Access Television

Channel 16, the City TV station, broadcasts information pertaining to City and County government and community events.