City Manager's Office

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The City Manager is hired by the City of Albany Board of City Commissioners to carry out policy and ensure that residents are served equitably.  The Manager directs the work of various department heads and other employees to ensure the efficient delivery of services in the City . Through the establishment of public/private partnerships, the City manager targets all of the community's resources to achieve solutions.

Intricate local government operations require strong leadership, innovative thinking, policy development, a commitment to ethical government, and a fiduciary allegiance to the citizens. The City Manager’s Office has a mission to provide services that are efficient, effective and that meet their needs through customer service-based delivery.  The City Manager's Office also strives to manage and direct all activities of the city government as outlined by the City Charter and Code of Ordinances, and as directed by the Board of City Commissioners.

Collier, StephenAssistant City Manager, Utility AdministrationCity Manager, Utility Administration(229) 431-3234
Jackson, TamaraAdministrative Assistant to City ManagerCity Manager(229) 431-3234
Roberson, PhilAssistant City Manager, Utility OperationsCity Manager, Utility Operations(229) 431-3234
Subadan, SharonCity ManagerCity Manager(229) 431-3234
Teemer, JacquelynInterim Downtown Manager/ Business Development ManagerCity Manager, Downtown Office(229) 483-7665