Who Do I call at Utilities

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Please call our main office number (229) 883-8330, plus extension, for all utility related questions. All extensions are listed below:

Power Outage

Energy Control Center, ext 4506
Sometimes the outage may be only in your home. Check the neighborhood to see if the power is off in other homes. When reporting an outage, give your phone number and your address and be as brief as possible to keep the phone lines open.

New Services

Customer Service, ext 4501
New customers must come into the office and provide picture ID, Social Security number, a lease agreement or purchase contract from realtor. A deposit may be required before services can be turned on at the new address.


Dispatch, ext 4508 (during business hours)
Energy Control Center, ext 4506 (after hours) 

High Bill Complaint

Customer Service, ext 4501
If you have questions regarding your bill or questions on rates.

Payments Received

Teller Department, ext 4500
The Teller Department processes all payments, on the date it was received. If a payment was placed in the night deposit box after 5:00 pm, the payment will be processed the next business day.

New Construction

Engineering, ext 4613
Call to locate and establish new services on undeveloped property.

Relocate Services on Property

Customer Service, ext 4501
The location will need to be determined before any services can be moved.

Tree Trimming

Customer Service, ext 4501
Only tree and tree limbs touching our services will be trimmed.

Cutting Down Trees on Your Property

Customer Service, ext 4501 
Albany Utilities will disconnect and reconnect service, once trees have been removed.

Security / Street Light Out

Energy Control, ext 4506
Please report the location by nearest address of street /security lights owned by Albany Utilities.  

New Security Light Installation

Engineering, ext 4615
Albany Utilities will need to survey the property, to determine location and type of light needed.

Water Leak

Energy Control, ext 4506

Billing Questions

Customer Service, ext 4501
For questions regarding your bill.

Pilot Light

Customer Service, ext 4501
Please call a licensed heating and cooling company of your choice, to light your gas pilot. Albany Utilities does not light pilots.

Smell Gas Inside/Outside

Energy Control, ext 4506 
If you smell a rotten egg odor, please leave the area immediately and call Albany Utilities from a neighbor’s phone.

Trash/Garbage Questions

Solid Waste, (229) 883-6950

Stormwater Questions

Albany Engineering Department, (229) 883-6955