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Fare Increase July 2018

Our current Fixed Route base fare is $1.65. Effective July 1, 2018, Albany Transit will increase the base fare rate from $1.65 to $1.70. Additional base fare increases will take effect as follows:


5-year Base Rate Fare Increase

Effective July 1, 2018 -$1.70

Rate Increase $.05 July 1, 2017

 Current Rate


Rate Increase $.05 July 1, 2018



Note: Rate Changes are for the Fixed Route Base Fare Only


Albany Transit System

Pricing Chart
Fixed Route 1 Ride Ticket or Regular Bus Fare $1.65
Fixed Route Fare - Child(ages 6-12) $0.50
Fixed Route Fare - Child(age 5 & under) FREE*
Fixed Route Fare - Senior / Disable $0.50
Paratransit Ticket** $2.50
Paratransit Coupon Book (10-tickets)** $25.00
Paratransit Monthly Pass (1mo. Unlimited)** $90.00
Smart Card Surcharge $3.00
Weekly Pass $12.00
Regular Monthly Pass $45.00
Student Monthly Pass $35.00
Senior / Disabled Monthly Pass $20.00
*5 and under children must not be taller than the height of the farebox.
All of the tickets/passes, with the exception of the Paratransit, are sold at the Transfer Station at 300 W Oglethorpe and the Transit Office at 712
Flint Avenue.
**Sold only at the Transit Office

Please contact Albany Transit System for any questions regarding the fare increase at 229.446.2700.