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CVB Becomes Independent of Chamber of Commerce

Post Date:01/08/2018 7:30 PM

The Mayor and Commissioners approved the separation of Albany Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) from the Albany Chamber of Commerce. The ACVB will become an Independent Non-Profit 501(C) (6) Corporation.

The ACVB has experienced great success under the Chamber of Commerce governance. However, implementing the independent CVB model will give the ACVB an opportunity to execute tourism marketing at a more competitive level among its counterparts across the region and state. The source of revenue is the Hotel/Motel Tax that must, under the law, be used to promote tourism by funding local CVBs or other 501(C) (6) entities.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard said, “The City fully supports the Albany Chamber of Commerce and its role in the community, this decision is for the best interest of our entertainment and hospitality industries regarding advocacy and representation.”

The City Commissioners asked the Carl Vinson Institute of Government (CVOIG) to assess the structure of the organizational relationships between the ACVB and the city. In response to this request, CVOIG faculty interviewed CVB managers, collected data from CVBs around the state, reviewed the existing literature, and analyzed activity, budget, cost, and workload data. Based on perspectives and insights of respondents and analysis of the data, CVOIG faculty developed a spectrum of best practice findings and potential options for change in the governance and organization of the ACVB.

Mr. Baggett, Associate Director at CVOIG stated, “The ACVB appears to be performing well and there do not appear to be major problems associated with it being affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce. However, the bulk of research undertaken as part of this project suggests that Albany may want to employ the model of governance utilized by most of its peers and have the CVB formed as an independent 501(c) (6) that contracts directly with the city.” The change should have no effect on the Chamber’s operations and activities, but the CVB will have a more direct relationship with the city. 

For more information contact Monique Broughton Knight, Public Information Officer at 229.733.2225.


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